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Teaching at the Faculty

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Courses of the current semester

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Free elective module

Every summer semester the chair offers the free elective module Applications in "R" for the Bachelor course Agricultural Sciences.

In the winter semester the chair offers in future the free Module Agricultural and resource economical practice Seminar for the master courses. Further information take from the notice please.

Teaching in "Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics"

Since 2014 the faculty is a member of the "Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics", which in cooperation of eight agricultural sciences faculties and other institutions of agriculcultural sciences offers a continued structured  training of doctoral students of agricultural and food economics since 2005. Prof. Hüttel coordinates the participation of our faculty at this program and teaches econometrical modules in this program.

Modules at "Doctoral Certificate Program"

Advances Applied Econometrics 1: Linear Models and Panel Data

Advanced Applied Econometrics 2: Limited Dependent Variable (LDV) / Choice models