Sommersemester 2020

  • Bodennutzungssysteme in den Tropen und Subtropen, Lecture/Practice (LSF-Link)
  • Bodensystematik / Standortpraktikum, Lecture/Practice (LSF-Link)
  • Forschungspraxis in den Arbeitsgruppen, Lecture/Practice (LSF-Link)
  • Moornutzung und Moorschutz, Lecture/Practice (LSF-Link)

Teaching module

Bachelor Agricultural Sciences

Mandatory modules

  • Chemical bases for agricultural sciences
  • Soil chemistry / Soil biology
  • Soil systematics / Practical training in field
  • Scientific experimental working

Bachelor Environmental engineering

Mandatory modules

  • Enviromental chemistry / Enviromental analytic

Master Crop Production and Environment

Mandatory modules

  • Soil research in crop production
  • Research practice in working groups

Optional module

  • Fenland use und protection
  • Soil utilisation system in tropics and subtropics