Field Gas Analyzers

Net CO2 exchange measurements conducted in the project OptiMoor , 2017-07-27 (Photo: Vytas Huth).
The Picarro Inc GasScouter during field measurements in an alder carr of the project WETSCAPES (Photo: Anke Günther).
Picarro G2508
Picarro G2508

Within various projects , our working group uses field-ready gas analyzers that enable us to determine greenhouse gas exchange using closed chambers. The analyzers detect gas concentrations with lasers and gas-specific absorption spectra. Gas fluxes are then estimated via concentration change over chamber closure time.

Our group uses a GasScouter (Picarro Inc) and an Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzers (Los Gatos Research). Both devices simultaneously measure CO2 and CH4. Further, we use a couple of LI-820 (LI-COR) for CO2 measurements which are embedded in custom-made portable logger systems (GERD – Gas Emissions Research Device) that have integrated measurements of environmental parameters, e. g. photosynthetic photon flux density, air and soil temperature and relative humidity. Finally, our group also runs an eddy-covariance system which measures CO2 and CH4 at ecosystem scale.

Since summer 2018, we also own a Picarro G2508 gas analyzer. It‘s supposed to run in an automated mesocosm experiment within the project WETSCAPES which is currently set up in Greifswald. There, CO2, CH4, N2O fluxes will be measured with a custom-made automatic chamber system. The Picarro G2508 has been co-financed by the EU through the ERDF program: „Operationelles Programm Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2014-2020 – Investitionen in Wachstum und Beschäftigung“.

All the analyzers enable us to compare net CO2 exchange and CH4/N2O emissions on the plot-scale within short timescales. They also improve GHG budgets over longer timescales (e.g. years) and help us, in combination with plant and soil analyses, to determine changes in soil carbon stocks.