Theme group Hydrological design and modeling

Hydrological investigations on the Hellbach, a small river typical for northern Germany, photo: professorship Hydrology and Applied Meteorology

In water management projects as well as construction measures on waters, the hydrologist creates on the one hand planning principles in the form of design parameters such as flood, low water and storage characteristics. On the other hand, he draws up rules on how to control and operate such systems, and he predicts how they will affect the water and the water balance.

In the topic group "Hydrological Design and Modeling" the students deal with important elements of hydrological working. You learn the methods of data and area analysis, the application of specific calculation methods and the use of computer-aided simulation tools (models).


modules of the theme group semester*
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) 1
Geohydrology 2
Modeling in Water Management 3
Engineering Hydrology 3

* At the beginning of the study for the winter semester.