Timetables / Examination Matters

!!! NEW !!! Important note for change in the examination procedure!

The legal officer of the University communicated that information to an important change in the examination procedure, which I pass on.

The existing rule that in case of illness the logged free trial date (standard check) the next examination date (six months later) can still be used as a free trial, omitted from winter term 2013/2014.

Who gets sick to the free trial appointment, has to perceive the next check as first regular appointment half a year later. The free trial is in case of illness not more reserved.

Please note this change will come into force from winter term 2013/2014.

Certification of illness

What to do in case of illness:

What should a student do if he/she wants not compete due to health reasons for an exam or cancel it? He/she has to make the disease according to the current examination regulations to the examination office immediately [1] credible.

For this purpose, a medical certificate is required, which allows the examination office to answer based on the information of a doctor the legal question whether the student is able to do the exam or not. Answering the question of law whether the student is able to do the exam or not is not the task of the doctor. Ultimately the office of examination has to decide in its own responsibility. It is not enough for this assessment and is not permissible that the candidates' examination disability "is attested.


Obligation to students

Students are due to their obligations obliged to establish the inability to the exam to disclose their complaints without undue delay. If it is necessary the student can release the   confidentiality of the doctor. This does not mean that the doctor must enter the diagnosis, but just the disease caused by the physical and psychological effects.

After the acceptance of testing inability by the examination board, the medical certificate is valid for all tests in a designated period of examination inability.


[1] Immediately means without undue delay (§121 Abs. 1 BGB)