Cluster On Anaerobic digestion, environmental Services and nuTrients removAL


Laufzeit: 01.07.2018 bis 30.06.2021, verlängert bis 31.12.2021

Förderung: EU Interreg, South Baltic Programm

Projektbearbeitung / Project staff: Angela Clinkscales, Sebastian Foth, Prof. Frank Scholwin, (Dr. Andrea Schüch)

Projekt Partner / Project partner: 

  • Agency for Renewable Resources, FNR (Germany), lead partner
  • Gdansk University of Technology, GUT (Poland)
  • Baltic Energy Innovation Centre, BEIC (Sweden)
  • Roskilde University, RUC (Denmark)
  • Rostock University, UROS (Germany)
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute, LEI (Lithuania)

Link zur Projekthomepage / project homepage


Projektziel und Kurzbeschreibung / Project aim and short description

The main objective of the COASTAL Biogas project is to provide solutions based on anaerobic digestion of cast seaweed to coastal regions to tackle eutrophication, contribute to the transition to a circular bio-economy and improve prosperity.

Eutrophication has both ecological and social consequences and is one of the major environmental problems of the Baltic Sea. At the same time there is a need for a transition from a fossil based to a sustainable bio-based society. The project focuses on the removal of nutrients from the Baltic Sea by collecting cast seaweed to counteract eutrophication. The seaweed will be used as a co-substrate for anaerobic digestion. Furthermore, the digestate can replace artificial fertilisers and hence, contributes to closing nutrient (N & P) cycles. The produced biogas can be utilised for electricity, heat and bio-fuel production.

Cross border technology guidance and transfer in seaweed co-digestion will be supported. A decision support tool and training kit for biogas plant operators, municipalities, local authorities as well as beach cleaning companies, farmers, waste management companies, etc. will be developed. Moreover, the procedure of anaerobic digestion of seaweed and digestate utilisation in the South Baltic area will be improved.


Aktivitäten / Activities

  • Kostenfreies Seminar zu Vo-Vergärung von Seegras am 8. Mai 2019 in Malmö/Schweden!  / Free seminar on co-digestion of seaweed on the 8th of May 2019 in Malmö/Sweden! For more information read here.

  • November 2018: Projekt meeting in Gdansk/Poland

  • August 2018: Presentation of the project at the BEIC Biogas Seminar

  • July 2018: Kick-Off-Meeting in Rostock/Germany
  • November 2019: 2. Konferenz am 13. November in Roskilde/Dänemark
  • Frühjahr/Sommer 2020: Probennahme M-V und Laborversuche
  • September 2020: 3. Konferenz am 30. September – Online-Veranstaltung
  • Dezember 2020: 4. Konferenz am 9. Dezember – Online-Veranstaltung – Die Konferenz sowie die anschließende virtuelle Studienreise sind kostenlos und auf 100 Teilnehmer beschränkt. Zur Anmeldung senden Sie bitte Ihren Namen und Ihre Zugehörigkeit zu einer Institution an jorgen.heldbeicnu.
Seaweed at the beach, island Poel (Picture: A. Schüch, 2018)