Artikel in Diversity and Distributions

Using incomplete floristic monitoring data from habitat mapping programmes to detect species trends

Authors: Helge Bruelheide, Florian Jansen, Ute Jandt, Markus Bernhardt‐Römermann, Aletta Bonn, Diana Bowler, Jürgen Dengler, David Eichenberg, Volker Grescho, David Harter, Matthias Jugelt, Simon Kellner, Martin Ludwig, Karsten Wesche, Silke Lütt

First published: 24 March 2020


The loss of biodiversity has raised serious concerns about the entailing losses of ecosystem services. Here, we explore the potential of repeated habitat mapping data to identify floristic changes over time. Using one German federal state as a case study, we assessed floristic changes between the 1980s and 2010s. These habitat data have great potential for analysis because of their high spatial coverage while also posing methodological challenges such as incomplete observation data. We developed a modelling approach that accounts for incomplete observations and explored the ability to detect temporal trends.