IAVS-Editors Award 2017

Die folgende Publikation aus dem Jahr 2017, erschienen in Applied Vegetation Science, wurde im mit dem Editors Award 2017 geehrt.

Jutta Kapfer, Radim Hédl, Gerald Jurasinski, Martin Kopecký, Fride H. Schei & John-Arvid Grytnes (2017): SPECIAL FEATURE: VEGETATION RESURVEY Resurveying historical vegetation data – opportunities and challenges, Applied Vegetation Science 20, 164–171


In 2001 it was decided to initiate an Editors' Award for outstanding papers, or as the Editors-in-Chief put it: "Occasionally ... we see a paper that is ground-breaking, that introduces a new approach, that debunks an old myth, or that just does everything very well." They further wrote: "The choice of paper will sometimes be difficult. We shall hope we do not offend those who wrote excellent papers that did not catch our eye. The intention is to give one example of the kinds of paper that the Editors especially welcome."