At the professorship, students in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are taught about nutrient transfer along the value chain. Regulation of consumption, function of the digestive tract and nutrient absorption are just as much the subject of teaching as energy and substance conversion in animals.

Feedstuffs are described with regard to value-determining properties, the content of antinutritive ingredients and hygienic quality, and essential feed law regulations and ecological principles are explained.

The requirements of individual animal species for nutrition and feeding and the resulting consequences are taught as well as nutritional damage and dietary measures.

Teaching modules

Bachelor Agricultural Sciences

  • Animal Nutrition and Animal Health
  • Basic Pronciples of Animal Nutrition, Hygiene and Behavioural Sciences
  • Equine Sciences
  • Organic Farming: Animal Production and Economy

Master Sustainable Agricultural Systems

  • Animal Husbandry in Tropics and Subtropics
  • Experimental Methods in Animal Nutrition
  • Nutrition-dependent Disorders and Dietetics
  • Physiological Principles, Pathophysiology
  • Resources of Animal Nutrition