The Working Group "Landscape Ecology" lead by Prof. Florian Jansen is part of the Faculty for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Rostock.

We analyze landscape structure (pattern) and ecological function (processes) to understand matter balances and how a site / an ecosystem / a landscape is driven by vegetation, soil and other environmental parameters. To achieve insight in this we implement vegetation ecological, plant physiological, hydro-chemical, and micro-meteorological methodology and connect and relate the obtained informations using GIS and geostatistical modelling.

We are deeply involved in several biodiversity projects and combine and analyze data at national and international level. The development of citizen science portals, vegetation data bases as well as the necessary tools like taxonomic reference lists is important to successfully analyze the biodiversity and its drivers in the past and in the future.

We teach bachelor courses for students of  the programs Agrocultural Sciences and Environmental Engineering Sciences and master courses of the study programs Agricultural Science and Crop Production and Environmental Engineering Sciences.