Junior Studies

Junior Studies

What's junior studies?

School pupils in the 10th to 12th grades are given the opportunity to complete university courses in various subjects in the form of early studies during their school years. The special thing about this is that the studies take place online, i.e. junior students view all lectures on the computer - at home, at school, in the Internet café, etc. They can not only see the respective lecturer - they can also experience experiments, presentations and demonstrations as if they were a directly present student.

Who can participate?

Junior students are usually students from grades 10 to 12 (High School), as well as trainees, military or civilian service as well as FSJ/FÖJler (which need to proof their High School degree). In exceptional cases applications from students of lower grades can also be accepted.

Why to attend the Junior Studies?

  • To find out early if your subject of choice really meets your interests and preferences.
  • You will learn methods of scientific working that can already be helpful in school.
  • With your acquired knowledge you will be in advance of other students when you finish High School.
  • Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate which can be taken in account for your later studies at the University of Rostock.
  • Your strengths and interests are specifically approached.
  • You learn to deal with new media and experience the benefits of e-learning.
  • You make the transition from school to university easier.

Courses at the AUF

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals
  • Biology of crop plants
  • Remote sensing