Programme managers of the Bachelor and Master programmes at AUF

B. Sc. Agricultural Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ralf Uptmoor

Phone: 0381 498-3060
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B. Sc. Civil Engineering

M. Eng. Lisa Schwegmann

Phone: 0381 498 3523
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B. Sc. Environmental Engineering Sciences

Prof. Dr. Philip Marzahn

Phone: 0381 498-3200
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The programme managers are the central contact persons for all actors involved in the study programmes: the module managers, the lecturers, the study office and the examination office. They advise prospective students and students

  • on the concept and content of the degree programmes,
  • on questions of study organisation,
  • for the allocation of elective compulsory modules,
  • in the case of failed examinations,
  • on career opportunities after graduation.

Vocational Education - Agriculture

Dr. Carsten Croonenbroeck (contact person AUF)

Phone: 0381 498 3267
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M. Sc. Aquaculture

Prof. Dr. Harry Palm

Phone: 0381 498-3730
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M. Sc. Aquaculture

Dr. Patrick Unger (student councellore)

Phone: 0381 498-3733
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M. Sc. Livestock Sciences

Dr. Antke-Elsabe von Tiele-Winckler

Phone: 0381 498- 3385
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M. Sc. Crop Production and Environment

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Gerowitt

Phone: 0381 498-3160
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M. Sc. Environmental Engineering Sciences

Prof. Dr. Jens Tränckner

Phone: 0381 498 3640
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