Aims of the course evaluation:

Teaching evaluation is an important instrument for ensuring the quality of studies and teaching. It represents an important feedback for all teachers and helps to uncover potentials and deficits. With the help of evaluations, communication between teachers and students should be improved and maintained at a very high level.

Performing the course evaluation:

Since the winter semester 2004/2005 the faculty has been evaluating the courses. The procedure for carrying out the evaluation is regularly reviewed and decided upon in agreement with the student council in the faculty council.

  • The faculty teachers evaluate at least one of their courses each semester.
  • The teachers determine which course they evaluate. It must be ensured that all of the teacher's courses are evaluated with at least one SWS within a period of three years.
  • The evaluation results, in particular the freehand comments, must be evaluated with the students in the current semester.
  • The minimum number of participants for the evaluation is three.
  • The evaluation of the project-based courses of the faculty's study programmes is carried out by the respective module manager.
  • The course evaluation is carried out regularly in the fourth and fifth week before the end of the lecture period. Courses that do not extend over the entire semester are excluded from this regulation.
  • If a lecturer does not participate in the evaluation, 10% of the allocated budget is deducted for the professorship of the lecturer.

Handling the results of the course evaluation:

The results of the evaluation will be dealt with as follows:

  • The creation and evaluation of questionnaires takes place in the EvaSys system.
  • Each lecturer gets a detailed analysis of the evaluation of his/her courses.
  • An annual report on the evaluation is prepared, presented and discussed in the Faculty Council in compliance with data protection regulations. The report is forwarded to the Prorector for Studies, Teaching and Evaluation for information.
  • If necessary, the Dean of Studies evaluates the results in detail with the lecturers.
  • The best lecturers of the academic year are honoured by the faculty's student representatives on the basis of the evaluation results.

Questions and hints

  • Lecturers can register here for the evaluation of their course.
  • If you have any questions or comments on the evaluation of the teaching, you can contact Enrico Daum and Dr. Hanka Sanftleben.