Study - and further?

What can you do with a degree from the faculty?

The education at the faculty is very broad. With the Bachelor's and Master's degree in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, many occupational fields are available to you. You can work for a wide variety of employers.

Agricultural Sciences

  • Agricultural companies (companies in the ecological and integrated farming)
  • Public services (agricultural and environmental departments, administration, education, research)
  • industrial economy (firms in the food and feed industry, tourism, water supply and power supply companies)
  • Counseling services (environmental engineering)
  • Associations, organizations, companies in the field of communication and information (business and trade associations, breeding organizations, consumer organizations)

Environmantal Sciences

  • Companies in the supply and disposal sector (water and energy supply companies)
  • Companies in the construction industry and environmental engineering
  • Planning and environmental engineering offices
  • Public service (Environmental Offices, Administration, Education, Research)
  • Associations, organizations, companies in the field of communication and information (Business and professional associations, consumer organizations)

Is there a need in the possible career fields?

Yes, sometimes students from the first semester are already courted. The professors complain partly that all graduates go away and no one is left for the university research and/or doctorate. Good contacts for future jobs arise through internships and bachelor's or master's thesis in cooperation with non-university partners.

Do I have better chances with a Master's degree?

It depends on you - what you want to do later. The Master's degree is an even stronger scientific specialization, deepening of the choosen topic and geared to those who want to work in research or like to aspire to a high position. Who, for example, want to be in an official or a manager in a small or medium enterprise, possibly need only the generalist Bachelor's degree.

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