Student life

How is studying in Rostock? Is it easy to find a home? Is life in Rostock expensive? What about jobs for students?

Life in Rostock is great! You think we are biased? Then come and have a look! Rostock is a really great student city with everything your heart desires: pubs, concerts, culture, sports, etc. and all that at the Baltic Sea. Prices for a flat are affordable, especially in many students commune! There are a lot of perks and even bakers and grocers give discounts on presentation of student card, so life here is not too expensive. It is possible to find a job in the city and the University.

In our brochure for freshmen are much information round the study - just read through and have a proper look.

What can you do with student card?

Get many discounts - in the cafeteria, on tickets (zoo, clubs, museums, water parks), some bakers, ferry tickets, magazine subscriptions, bank and credite cards and much more.

Most importantly, you can use the entire public transport network of Rostock with no additional cost, even the bike can be taken - already payed with the tuition fees.