The elective area comprises the elective modules listed below as well as the modules not taken in the sub area 1 and 2 of all profile lines. The elective area can be used for further specialisation in one of the profile lines. Alternatively, the education can be placed on a broader basis, for example by specifically taking modules of the other profile lines.

The students have to choose modules to the extent of 24 credit points from the following catalogue or the modules not yet taken from the sub areas 1 and 2.

  • Biology and Systematics of Vascular Plants for Agricultural Science
  • Biotops of the World for Agricultural Science
  • Crop Physiology
  • Current Topics in Crop Health
  • Science Communication
  • Summer School "Biosafety of Transgenic Organisms"
  • Theory: Culture, Ecology, Sustainability


  • In addition to the listed elective and compulsory elective modules, additional modules may be offered for the compulsory elective areas and the elective area. These will be announced in good time before the start of the semester by the study office.

  • Instead of the elective compulsory and elective modules expressly offered for this degree programme, other modules from the range of modules offered by the University of Rostock or other universities can be selected and recognised, taking into account the qualification aims of the respective elective compulsory or elective area, in consultation with the subject-specific student advice service and the relevant module responsible persons. The examination board decides on the acceptance on a case-by-case basis.