Main areas of research

Research activities at the professorship include feed science issues (e.g. reduction of antinutritive ingredients through feed preservation processes), animal experimental work (e.g. fattening performance of poultry and pigs when using alternative protein sources, small intestinal digestibility of amino acids and starch in pigs and horses, synchronism of protein and carbohydrate degradation in the rumen of dairy cows, acid-base and electrolyte balance of horses) as well as in vitro studies to simulate nutrient absorption (e.g. of proteins from genetically engineered feed). e.g. of proteins from genetically modified plants), digestion by the body's own enzymes and microbial fermentation processes during ensiling and in the digestive tract of ruminants and horses.

Effects of feed additives, phytogenic substances, pre- and probiotics as well as stressors on the intestinal flora are being investigated with support from the FBN.

Research reports