In the profile line Agroecology, students acquire competences in the analysis, protection and sustainable use of agroecosystems. Basic knowledge of sustainable land resource management and ecosystem functions is taught and deepened. Furthermore, students can deepen their knowledge in the field of sustainable agricultural production and acquire scientific methods.

Agroecology - sub area 1

Students have to take three modules from the following catalogue amounting to 18 credit points.

  • Ecosystem Functions und Services
  • Soil Ecology and Soil Protection
  • Weed Ecology and Management
  • Wise Use and Protection of Peatlands

Agroecology - sub area 2

The students have to choose three modules amounting to 18 credit points from the following catalogue or the modules not taken from the compulsory elective area statistics or the sub area 1 of the profile line Agroecology:

  • Agrobiotechnology in Research and Practice
  • Biodiversity in Livestock Farming
  • Foreign Trade, Taxes and Law
  • Fruit and Vegetable Production Chains
  • Grassland and Forage Systems
  • Renewable Raw Material and Bioenergy
  • Sustainable land use in the tropics and subtropics
  • Sustainable Use of Natural Water Resources in Agriculture
  • Traceability in Agroecosystems