Where can I find the current examination and study regulations?

Framework examination regulations for the bachelor's and master's degree courses at the University of Rostock

Examination and study regulations for the bachelor and master programmes

How do examinations work?

This is different and defined in the module description. There are, for example, written examinations of usually about 90 minutes with all other exam candidates in one room and 2 exam observers or oral examinations of about 20 to 30 minutes with mostly 2 examiners (lecturers). The exams can take the form of an oral presentation in which you present the results of a task you have completed to your fellow students.

What happens if you fail an examination?

Especially in the first semester, when the transition from learning at school to learning at university is somewhat difficult, it can happen that you pass an examination. That's not a big problem for now. Then, when the examination is offered again in the following semester, you register again and pass best. In an emergency, you can take an examination 2-3 times, but you have to keep in mind that every semester there are new examinations to be taken and then the repeat examinations - if the mountain of examinations gets bigger, it gets harder to pass them.

[If you notice that you have a problem with too many exams or exam fears and cannot solve it alone, then get help in time! The Studentenwerk offers you contact persons and exam anxiety seminars].

Are the exams more difficult than the Abitur?

Of course everyone sees this differently and it depends on the topic. Some things are less important to you than others and therefore seem more difficult to you. Basically you can say that the knowledge you get at university is much more specific than your school knowledge. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be more difficult, because firstly, the topics of an examination aren't as varied as in the Abi, secondly, you have less other subjects on the side and these have roughly speaking also to do with the topic, and thirdly, you study something that interests you - this will make learning easier for you.

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Do you write a lot of term papers?

In general, it is unusual to write an unusually large number of extensive term papers in natural science studies. However, smaller assignments within the framework of seminars or projects sometimes have to be written. You can find information on this in the module descriptions.