Former PhD students of the professorship of Agronomy

Dr. agr. Gebeyanesh Worku Zerssa (2023)

Dissertation title: "Soil nutrient management practices towards climate-smart agriculture: mitigation, adaptation and sustainable yield intensification in a Nitisol in Southwestern Ethiopia"

Dr. agr. Mohamed Sabry Mohamed Sarhan (2020)

Dissertation title: "Increasing culturability of plant microbiome towards core microbiome manipulation and Engineering"

Dr. agr. Philpp Meise (2020)

Dissertation title: "Analysis of genotypic differences in biochemical and physiological adjustments to N-deficiency
and drought stress in Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) with consideration of yield components"

Dr. agr. Sebastian Parra-Londono (2019)

Dissertation title: "Characterization of the phenotypic and genomic diversity in sorghum: traits and genetic
components involved in the adaptation to abiotic stress conditions"

Dr. agr. Telse Vogel (2018)

Dissertation title: "Phosphorus effects of recycled products from municipal wastewater on the soil plant system"

Dr. agr. Ing. Ghina Al Najjar (2015)

Dissertation title: "Growth and nutrient uptake in maize and faba bean plants inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Pseudomonas fluorescens DR54 and fertilised with rock phosphate"

Dr. agr. Waed Almohamad (2014)

Dissertation title: "Effect of plant fortifiers and plant protection products on Phytophthora infestans infestation and potato yield under field conditions"

Dr. agr. Malek Almethyeb (2014) 

Dissertation title: "The Influence of Singular and Combined Appplications of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Enterobacter radicincitans on Growth and Nutrition of Plants

Dr. agr. Thomas Krey (2014)

Dissertation title: "Contribution of selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to plant phosphorus Nutrition under organic matter Management" 

Dr. agr. Christine Brandt (2013)

Dissertation title: "Reciprocal influence of soil water content and phytin supply on plant phosphorus nutrition"

Dr. agr. Silvia Bachmann (2013)

Dissertation title: "Phosphorus utilisation from biogas slurries. A contribution to securing sustainable bioenergy production"

Dr. agr. Katja Schiemenz(2012)

Dissertation title: "Use of biomass ashes for phosphorus supply in crop production"

Dr. agr. Jana Peters (2011)

Dissertation title: "Assessment of different energy crop rotations with regard to their sustainability and profitability for the raw material supply of biogas plants for the region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania"