Experimental Station

The Experimental Station became a part of the professorship Crop Health with the creation of the Institute of Land Use. It is the experimental base of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for scientific aktivities "in the field". In addition, demonstration objects are set up and maintained for teaching and self-study purposes by students of both disciplines. Several visits, seminars and exercises are held each semester.
With the resources of the experimental station, experiments can be carried out that differ in terms of the data collected, the size of the areas investigated and the duration of the investigations, e.g.:

  • Exact trials on plant cultivation and crop health issues
  • Large-scale trials on ecological issues
  • Long-term trials
  • Installation of measurement technologies to record material flows in the agro-ecosystem
  • Investigations to locate spatial characteristics of plant stands
  • Accompanying studies for biotechnological issues
  • Recording of economic parameters for specific steps in production processes

Services provided by the Experimental Station include

  • Advice on setting up and running field trials
  • Conducting or supporting courses
  • Setting up trials (measurements, soil preparation, sowing/planting)
  • Implementation of all agrotechnical measures, both on large and small areas
  • Harvesting, yield recording, sampling
  • Preparing harvested material for laboratory analysis
  • Evaluation and reporting to external clients

The usable area in the inner area directly at Satower Str. 48 is 4 ha, the outer area about 1 km away (Stover Acker) has an area of 10 ha. There is also a lysimeter facility with 68 lysimeters in the inner area. In addition, outdoor grassland plots are managed in Petschow, Prerow and on the Sundische Wiese.

The research station has several machine sheds, a workshop, stores, a processing wing and a greenhouse section. An extensive range of machinery and equipment is available to carry out both large and small scale trials with threshed and root crops, arable forage and grassland. Cold ventilation, drying cabinets, stationary threshing and cleaning equipment and a laboratory mill are available for post-harvest processing.


Dr. Michael Klaus | Satower Str. 48 | 18059 Rostock | +48 (0)381 498 3166 | E-Mail