Admission requirements

Access to the Bachelor's degree program in Civil Engineering is subject to the following additional admission requirements in accordance with § 2 of the Program-specific Examination and Study Regulations (SPSO):

  • Applicants whose native language is not German must prove German language skills (B2).

  • Before beginning their studies, applicants must complete a four-week internship in an area relevant to the study programme (pre-study internship). In justified exceptional cases, admission may be granted on condition that the internship is completed within the first year of study.

During the internship, students acquire practical experience, skills and abilities in the various subject areas of Civil Engineering, such as earthworks, foundation engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering, hydraulic engineering and water management, urban planning and traffic route engineering.

Completed vocational training in common professions in the main and ancillary construction trades is recognised as a pre-study internship:

  • Supply and disposal and environmental protection occupations (e.g. sewage technology, recycling and waste management, pipe, sewer and industrial services, water management specialist, water supply technology).
  • Civil engineering, road and traffic construction occupations (e.g. asphalt builder, well builder, gravel builder, sewer builder, pipeline builder, special civil engineering, civil engineering technician, water engineer, road and traffic construction technology)
  • Building construction occupations (e.g. bricklayers and concrete builders, furnace and chimney builders, building construction skilled workers, building construction mechanics for demolition and concrete separation technology, carpenters)
  • others (e.g. building materials tester, materials tester, draughtsman/technical draughtsman, geomatics technician, surveying technician, process mechanic in the stone and earth industry).

Detailed information on the pre-study internship can be found in the internship regulations for the Bachelor's programme in Civil Engineering and in the program-specific examination and study regulations (SPSO). If you have any questions about the internship, you can contact the study office.

The following forms must be submitted for registration and accounting:

To verify if your profession is accepted please contact the study office.

In exceptional cases (e.g. when changing degree programmes), admission may be granted subject to the condition that the internship must be completed by the end of the first academic year at the latest. Please use the following application for provisional admission.