Bachelor Environmental Engineering Sciences

Welcome to the detailed description of the bachelor degree program "Environmental Engineering Sciences". This program is offered by the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (AUF) since the winter term 2016/2017.

The degree program has successfully undergone a procedure of internal accreditation and is entitled to bear the standards of the Conference of Ministers of Culture and the University of Rostock. The internal accreditation is valid until september 30, 2027.

Here you can find a short description of the programme and general information about the permission modalities. 

Aims and Characteristics

The undergraduate degree course "Environmental Engineering Sciences" offers a basic training to be able to deal holistically with environmental issues.

At the end of the studies, the graduates have basic, application-oriented knowledge in the following areas

  • Design and implement civil engineering structures
    (e.g. coastal protection, road and path construction as well as installations for renewable energy)
  • Environmental process Engineering
    (e.g. waste, drinking water, sewage, environmental remediation)
  • Community water management, recycling economy
  • Rural water management/hydraulic engineering focusing on irrigation and Drainage
  • Acquisition, analysing and evaluation of environmental data
  • Integral planning in rural Areas
  • Environmental protection


Environmental engineers are shaping the environment on the basis of a highly interdisciplinary education, so that the different interests for the use and protection of natural resources such as water and soil can be satisfied as little as possible.

Students need a great interest in mathematical and natural sciences, the willingness to solve problems and the ability to network. Beginners of studies should have a good knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

Collaboration with other specialized disciplines requires team spirit and communication skills.


The Rostocker programme differs from other Environmental Engineering programmes by focussing on the special features of rural areas and coastal areas. The questions and approaches encountered here are relevant beyond northern Germany in many regions around the world.

The course of study cooperates with the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Engineering.

The Environmental Engineering Sciences Bachelor´s degree offers the students alternatively to the lecture plan the possibility to complete one semester at a foreign university. It is recommended to do the semester abroad during the sixth semester.

Possible Fields of Activity for Graduates

Possible Fields of Activity for Graduates

Graduates have at their command a fundamental and operational knowledge to design and implement civil engineering structures, environmental process engineering, community water management, recycling economy, rural water management/hydraulic engineering focusing on irrigation and drainage, acquisition, analysing and evaluation of environmental data, integral planning in rural areas and renewable energy. They are therefore capable to plan and operate plants to protect the environment.

The graduates have application-oriented knowledge for the design and implementation of engineering structures, applications in environmental process engineering, settlement water management, recycling management, rural water management, environmental data collection and evaluation, integral rural planning as well as renewable energies. Sie sind damit fähig, Anlagen zur Gestaltung und zum Schutz der Umwelt zu planen und zu betreiben.

Characteristic fields of occupation are companies in the area of utilities and disposal, construction industries, environmental plant engineering, planning offices, water and soil association or in the public sector (environmental Management) as well as in science.

Further Study Opportunities (Master Programs)

Further Study Opportunities (Master Programs)

Graduates from the undergraduate degree program in environmental engineering, who want to develop further in science and achieve a higher professional qualification, are open to a wide range of master's degree programs offered in the field of environmental sciences in Germany and abroad.

At the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences following Master‘s course is currently offered:


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