Experimental station "Friedrich Harms"

The establishment of the experimental station "Friedrich Harms" was made possible by the sponsor of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Mr. Friedrich Harms, Honorary Senator of the University of Rostock, in 1998. The experimental station was handed over to the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for use by the professorship of Nutritional Physiology and Animal Nutrition as a legal entity of the university.

The available technical equipment enables feeding and balance experiments to be carried out on various animal species, such as pigs, poultry and ruminants. In a small operating theatre, it is also possible to perform any surgical procedures on the animals that may be necessary for the experiments.


University of Rostock
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Professorship Animal Nutrition and Nutrition Physiology
Experimental station „Friedrich Harms“
Moorweg 4
18196 Dummerstorf

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