Why studying Agricultural Sciences?

The economical, social and ecological conditions of rural regions in Europe are subject to permanent changes, i.a. through globalisation, climate change, soil degradation or new forms of land use. Due to the growing world population, the increasing wealth in many emerging countries and changes in the consumers' behaviour, we experience an increased need for food, fresh water, clean energy and functioning infrastructure. The food production is conflicting with new forms of land use like environmental protection or the production of renewable raw materials. Therefore, solutions for an increased agricultural output and a simultaneous realisation of environmental protection need to be embedded in development strategies for rural economies.

Worldwide, scientists are working on solutions to encounter these problems. For several decades, the AUF took part in research and preparation of future generations of agricultural scientists. To keep our standard of education, all study programmes were revised in 2010. Consequently, the Bachelor progamme "Agricultural Sciences" was launched.